2008. június 1., vasárnap

City of Heroes re-review for Issue 12

If you haven't noticed, recently Eurogamer has been doing a series of re-reviews for the most popular MMOs, especially older ones. The City of Heroes/City of Villains games are a perfect candidate for this re-review, since they're a little over four years old now, and have just released an update. So in this re-review, Eurogamer takes a look at a few major points of the game, including the state of the server population, the most recent update entitled Issue 12: Midnight Hour, and their general view of how the game held up over all these years and where it could be headed.

Their consensus for the server population is grim, stating that the game seemed empty in the lower-level areas. This is quite common in MMOs of this age, as high level "end-game" content is usually first priority on the developers' agendas. But perhaps the underlying point that Eurogamer reiterates to us here at the end of the article is the fact that Champions Online "will inevitably take its throne". That's a whole new blog post in itself.
Source : massively.com

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