2008. május 31., szombat

Real-to-Virtual Transaction: Making a Fortune in Online Games

Playing video games for a living is the fantasy of thousands of gamers across the wold, but in this internet age it is fantasy no longer. All over the world regular gamers are purchasing online game currencies and filling the pockets of virtual entrepreneurs. Those competing in the real-money trading industry include dedicated professionals to part-time players, big-city businesses to the bedroom entrepreneur. The "virtual warehouse" of workers is immense, with the working population of thousands in the People's Republic of China working alongside the millions of avid MMORPG gamers.
The industry is rarely reported in the media and so it remains an unknown property to the majority of the world's population. Despite this the industry is well known in the communities of popular titles like EverQuest, EVE Online, FFXI and the famous World of Warcraft. A prime example is in EQ2 where players compete through a series of themed tasks in order to stockpile the game's currency. Most blow their fortune within the game's stores or marketplace, but others decide to make real-world profit from their virtual acquisitions ; and there are plenty of them.
Morality, and even the ethics, of this practice is often debated, but it is clear that many gamers and executives alike disapprove. Intellectual property infringement is the most commonly given reason for objection by gaming companies, but there are also accusations of hacking, scamming and phishing within the industry. Developers often try to persuade players within the game that the practice is detrimental to game-play or the world's economy. Legally, real-money trading breaks no laws and has led to no convictions within the Western world, but pressure for government intervention grows each day.
Even though some take issue with the ethics or principles of the practices, virtual trading is here to stay. There is certainly money to be made, whether it's by developers or entrepreneurs, and the market shows no sign of slowing. A bright future lies ahead with new opportunities available in yet unreleased titles, the most promising of which being Warhammer Online.
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